my favorite scar


bruises come from many things

from getting hit with a ball 

to a friendly punch that pangs

or even taking a fall

but all bruises will fade

unlike the more painful scar

which can last more than a decade

coming from something like the bite of a gar 

but maybe a simple cut too

my favorite scar cannot be seen

and it is the one that was given by you

this scar is from when I was just a teen.

my heart is where this scar can be found,

I wonder when it will heal

or if to this pain, I am forver bound

not to be morbid, it's just how I feel.

I have put up walls for my protection

but lonliness isn't much better

I'd much rather have your affection

which is why I consider writing you a letter.

any scar from you is beautiful

no matter how painful it may be

because without you my life is just dull

I dream of us together out at sea

you and I on a sail boat

from when the sky is bright to when it's black

then on my doorstep, I found this note

I opened it to find a message: "I want you back"



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