My Favorite Love

When you left, you took a piece of me with you

Like burs on white socks after a summer trek through a field

It, too, clung to the softness of your curls

It's raw edges finding peace in the warmth of your presence just like I used to

Since then, I've learned to make do without it

Just as I've learned to make do without you

But still, some days are still not safe from thoughts of you

With an almost etheral call, your familar voice still echos in my chest

And your words still find a home in my thoughts

And even though it's been months, your arms are still a safe place

But now, when I say your name it is not a love song

It is a familiar lullaby

settling pleasantly on my tongue 

A mixed cocktail of beautiful nostalgia and melancholy

I sip it slowly

Getting buzzed on the memories

Of the way we used to pull on each other like the moon to the ocean

Miles a part, but always drawn to each other like magnets 

You will always be my ocean

And our memories will forever live on the line where the blue of the sea kisses the shy shore

Cause when I hear the crunch of the sand and the smell of sea salt, I can still hear your voice in my ear

"Someday this will be the ocean" you whispered

Someday we'd have a great dane

Someday we'd have a glass of wine on the terrace as we watched the dying sunset

Someday we'd make banana pancakes

Someday we'd reach that forever we always promised each other would be our only in all the poems we wrote to each other

And there'd be countless books in our study

I wonder if you still think about that

That young and innocent love

- My favorite love

Maybe we'll find it again someday

Maybe not in each other anymore

Perhaps you'll learn to love the big brown eyes of another girl

And maybe I'll learn to love the scars of another boy

And Maybe you'll learn to love the way another girl's hair sways in the wind when she leans her head out the window to kiss the sunshine

Maybe I'll also learn to fall asleep to the voice of another

Maybe, you'll learn to forget about me

And maybe I'll learn to finally stop writing poems about you

I like to think these sort of thoughts cross your mind too

But if not, I don't mind

Our time was a beautiful one, forever trapped in fall

We never could make it pass the winter

But I still keep all your texts and sweaters

the dress I wore when you first kissed me is too short on me now

Outgrown like our love, but it still hangs in my closet

And your letters and hand written poems remain in a bundle in the journal you were last mentioned in

Because I still haven't learned to stop turning back the clock

Old love, I still gladly visit what is left of you

The tiny pieces you dropped on your way out

Reminding me to smile, to keep warm

To keep safe

I still think about our love

My favorite love


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