My father, my mother

My father taught me

What manipulation was,

What it meant to wait for hours

For someone who never shows.

For all his claims that he loves me,

His actions do not match

Those empty words.

How many times has he not shown up,

How many times has he made excuses?

Yet I should come see HIM,

I should call HIM,

Because he "loves" me.


My mother taught me

What unconditional love is,

What it means to care for loved ones.

It was her who guided me and molded me

Into the person I am today.

She has protected and nurtured,

Helped and, when need be, scolded.

How many times has she given advice,

How many times has she done laundry or cleaned,

Asking for nothing in return

Except, perhaps, a thank you?

All because she loves me.


This poem is about: 
My family


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