My Father

Fri, 04/15/2016 - 12:18 -- djanee

My Father

Why do I feel so alone?

Why do these trees torment me so?

Why do I feel so afraid?

Why is everything away from shade?


I am suffering, I am alone

I am cold, I am torn

Though nothing’s around me

And all I feel is scorn


The trees, they haunt me

The fear torments me

Why am I here?

What’s that lurking too close to my ear?


But wait, He is here

My comfort from fear

My knight in shining armor

The One I hold so dear


He comforts me when I am scared

Consoles me when I am sad

He holds me, oh, so near

And He shows me that He cares


He’s my “Daddy,” the One I call “home”

He’s my “Daddy,” my shelter from the storm

He’s my “Daddy,” never will I let go

He’s my “Daddy,” the One who comes when I call


My Father I can tell anything

He never makes me feel ashamed

Even when I mess up

His arms open anyway


My Father loves me unconditionally

He never ever fails

“But Daddy, I messed up again!”

“But you’re safe by grace.”


“Why can’t I get this?

Why can’t I succeed?”

“You can do all things

Just trust and believe.”


“I can’t believe this happened!

Why did this happen to me?”

“Just focus on Me…”

And His eyes are somehow soothing


What is this love I have found?

What is this magical power?

Wrong! I’m the one found,

And I’m safe from all slaughter


No desert places, no mountain big or small

No hiding, lurking creature, no mountain lion’s jaw

Could ever come between us

Could ever make me fear

Because His great love is more powerful than any bear


My Father, all I'll ever need


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