I stand alone but not alone,
With the Aesir by my side.
My Gods, I know they are guiding me,
As I walk through life with pride.

My path was set when I was Born,
The Norn’s had Runes they Scribed.
The Runes they scribed could not be denied,
Twas my fate, yes my life.

I feel it is written, Val-father,
On the battlefield I will die.
I see a valkyrja swooping down,
Together we will fly.

Hail to you, All-father,
You will hear me roar and cry!
As I step inside your great hall,
My weapons held up high!

Heed me Odin, when Ragnarök comes,
Beware that wolfs glowing eyes.
He will strike you down, swallow you whole,
It is written that you will die!

Hail Vidar, son of Borr’s son,
When Odin your father, dies.
You will use your scrap leather boot,
To take Fenrir’s life.

You will stand upon his bottom jaw,
Push his top jaw upon high,
You will slice with your mighty sword,
And rejoice as you watch him die.

Heed Me Thor, I warn you.
Beware the Mithgard Snake.
You will fight that spawn of Loki’s Loins,
That Orm, I know you will break!

But you my Lord, Thor I say,
Not ten steps you will take.
Poison will fly from that Serpents mouth,
Yes, I know this is your fate.

When it’s over and all is done,
The Snake and the Wolf be dead.
So will you, All-Father Odin.
So to Thor, The einherjar, the rest.

But do not worry, do not fret,
For mankind, I know will survive.
For Lif and Lifthrasia, I know where they are,
In Hoddmímis holt they hide.

Hail to Odin,
Hail to Thor,
Hail to one and all.

Hail to the Aesir,
Hail to the Vanier,
Hail to all that fall.

Terry West
Copyright 2019
All Rights Reserved

Glossary of Terms
Aesir - the main tribe of deities

Vanier - the second tribe of deities

Norns - female beings who rule the destiny of gods and men. The Norns inscribe the fates of Gods and Men into the trunk of Yggdrasil

Runes – An archaic form of writing.

Valkyrja - "chooser of the slain" Female in the employ of Odin to collect the VAL (Dead men on the Battlefield)

All-father, Valfather, Enemy of the Wolf – Odin goes by many names.

Ragnarök - Ragnarok is the cataclysmic destruction of the cosmos and everything in it – even the gods.

Mithgard Snake, Orm - is Jormungand (pronounced “YOUR-mun-gand;” Old Norse Jörmungandr, “Great Beast”), also called the “Midgard Serpent,”

‘that wolfs glowing eyes’ - Fenrir (pronounced “FEN-rir;” Old Norse Fenrir, “He Who Dwells in the Marshes”
Jormungand and Fenrir - are the son’s of Loki and the giantess Angrboda. Brothers to Hel

Ulf – Old Norse=Wolf

Orm – Old Norse=Snake, Dragon, Worm, Serpant

Tyr – The one-Handed God. He lost his hand to Fenrir when Fenrir was Bound with Magical ropes.

Lif and Lifthrasia - are two humans who are foretold to survive the events of Ragnarök by hiding in a wood called Hoddmímis holt (Forest) Some speculation that this may be another name for Yggdrasil

Hoddmímis holt - Hoddmímis holt is a location where Líf and Lífþrasir are foretold to survive the long winters of Fimbulvetr (the Winters preceeding Ragnarok)

einherjar – The fallen Warriors who are in Valhall

Vidar – A son of Odin. He collects the pieces of scrap leather discarded by Cobblers to make a powerful boot for Ragnarok

Borr – Odins Father

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