My Family  When I

Tue, 07/09/2013 - 23:06 -- Tanee


My Family


When I look at the world around me, and see how crazy it’s gotten

I look up to the sky and thank God for my family

We are all so, so busy with the day to day concerns, that we often forget to thank God

For who we are, what we have, and for haven chosen the right path in life


Some people fight hard to earn lots of money, others fight for power or fame

I am just grateful to be alive, healthy, and to be blessed with a bunch of true friends

My family has played a great influence on who I am today

I will always be grateful to them for their love and concern


Without the love of my family I will be lost in life

Without their moral support I would be a parasite

My heart breaks when I hear how some of my peers

How they are living their lives with a great deal of fear


If only they new how important it was

To be true to their families, true to their love

Family is what makes us or break us

Without the love of my family, how can I ever be successful?


To anyone who reads the honest words that I have written

I can only suggest to reach deep into your feelings

Do not hold back in expressing your love and affection

To those around you who are also part of God’s wonderful creation

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I am dedicating this poem to my family - mom, dad, and my two sibblings......I love you guys so much.  We often take for granted the wonderful things we have in life, family being one of these things.   We all get involved in our daily routines that we sometimes forget to express our feelings to our loved ones, until it is too late, and the unexpected happens......then comes the regrets....I should have done this or I should have told him/her how much I loved him/her.

Do not hold back, express your love to your family and spreading true love we can make the world a better place.


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