My Experience in Mexico

Who knew crossing a line could make such a change? A shift in the ways that we think- No this world isn't pink-

Instead, it's covered in blackness as satan tries to attack this fortress filled with the hope of Jesus- Whose name- counteracts all the guilt and the shame- all those who are broken hear the words he has spoken and take refuge...But refuse is the first thing we meet as we walk the filthy streets, judging those we greet at a glance- but we can't - see the hearts of his children- hearts cleansed of their sin and falling apart for him- willing to share to the utmost- until all that remains is a ghost- of what they had. How badly they need what they give! But they live- In Faith. Totally and completely, God meets their needs. He provides, He's by their side no matter how far they slide- away from him. But they hear him calling and he stops them from falling when they take his hands--- Hands that were pierced for ME... So I want to see the secret to living like this- Without all MY distractions, ready to give more than just a fraction...of EVERYTHING- able to sing with more than just my voice... but it's MY choice- to go where he sends me, let him shape me and bend me, to mend me completely--- Cause I'm broken and torn, but ive been reborn- into HIS family- a people without borders, who don't see bricks and mortar- but SOULS- and they know what can fill those holes and they tell the whole world- Nothing but the blood- NOTHING but the blood- NOTHING BUT THE BLOOD OF JESUS!



This poem is a reaction to my experience on a mission trip to Guadalajara Mexico.

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