My ex

The pain I have is deep and feels like heat,
Traveling through my soul, rewinding at my feet.
The fear aside is too long to see,
The memories of you and the memories of me.
My heart can't go on, it feels like it's bleeding,
If this was your plan then you are succeeding.
It's too tired for you and too tired for me,
I am tearing apart, can't you see?
My imagination compares to playing a game,
You always made me feel like I am lame.
You made me think I couldn't succeed in life,
Jabbing in my heart with words like a knife.
The poison inside you looks so pure,
Sometimes I wonder if there is a cure.
Looks can be deceiving, especially on you,
You don't have one face, you have two.
I should've read between the lines in front of me,
But somehow you made it where I couldn't see.
I gave until I couldn't give anymore,
You took advantage of me more and more.
You snatched my heart and fed it hate,
I reckon I was a good bait.
I now see the black and white,
And I'm very thankful you are out of my sight.


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