My Everything: Forever and Always


Her eyes were as blue as the sea,

Her face was beautiful like the sun.

She smiled when she saw me stare,

I knew she would be second to none.

I held her in my arms real close,

She was now my little butterfly.

I observed her from day to night,

As the stars lit up the sky.

We grew and blossomed together,

We were two little girls with one heart.

She kept one half and I kept the other,

Nothing would ever tear us apart.

I was four years older than her,

But that did not matter at all.

She was my best friend in the world,

I would never let my butterfly fall.

She is gorgeous outside and in,

She cares for me when I am ill.

She cares for me when I am sad,

She gives me an everlasting thrill.

Her compassion and love are strong,

Her personality is much like mine.

We are silly, fun, and free spirited,

I know we will be just fine.

Today I am almost grown,

And she is still on her way.

But we have only gotten closer,

She is the best part of my day.

When I think of my niece as a friend,

And think of the love we share.

I am a truly happy girl,

We make a pretty good pair!

I miss my butterfly when she is gone,

But she is family, and I will see her soon.

I will never find someone like her,

She is not a star, but is the moon.

I can think of so many more things to write,

But this poem has to end.

Desiree, I love you so much,

Thank you for being my best friend!


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