My Emotions

Glass spiraling down, and everything seems slow motion. A high pitched crash as glass shatters is a perfect example of my emotions.

A whole piece of glass now shattered on the floor, scattered in different directions from West, to the North. You'd consider one crazy if the pieces they kept, in a dire attempt to make it whole as it once was before. For the average person, would just ignore. Sweep up the pieces, dump them in the garbage and worry no more.

Estoy perdido. Didn't understand what I said? Welcome to my emotions as they swirl inside my being and I try to comprehend them with my head. It's hard.

Like a December night wind blowing as fierce as an animal attacks it's prey, leaving you so numb that you forget you have fingers is how my emotions feel to me day to day.

I don't speak how I feel, I get scared. I stutter and mumble and trip over my words, I fidget with my hands and my knees start to bounce, my breathing starts to shorten and when I attempt to make a statement....nothing comes out.

Fear and confusion fuse together and surge through my body like a criminal being administered a lethal injection and within a few minutes my emotions start having convulsions and's insane then the brain tries resucitation to bring them back to life again, but after multiple tries and finding no pulse, the brain sends a message of defeat, and my emotions are covered with a white sheet. RIP emotions. RIP.

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