My Egyptian queens

I am a Egyptian queen 

And my black is BEAUTIFUL Matter of fact all black is beautiful not just mine  the young lady who's skin is as rich as chocolate or even the young girl who is as bright as day and even this beautiful girl right here with the mocha latte skin  Ya see all black is beautiful Don't matter what color it is  The little girl who is a mix between black and white Her butterscotch skin tone is beautiful Black women you are a beautiful sea of colorsEmbrace and respect yourself  Lemme till you a little story about a young girl who was to beautiful for words buh was judged by different people   

She was the African-American

Who once upon a time put her fist up and shout...


she was the definition of beauty

that when the sun touched her it was  like a kiss

skin so smooth you had to touch it.

she was the color of a autum day

a nice shade of brown

not to dark not to light.

she was the strong independent sista

the one every one once looked to

but...but to the white eye

all they saw was another black woman on wel-fare

or a crack addict momma

with two nappy headed kids

to the pimp down the street

he saw a money maker

another piece to add to his collection

to the in and out boyfriend

he saw a quickie

and his bank account


she was a work of art

carefully built to perfection

the sista that made everyhead turn

and brung a smile to your face

her momma could't be prouder

cause she gave birth to a queen

whom everyone once adorn

Was never mean to a soul

and wouldn't dare hurt a fly

that niceness was taken advantage of

because to the mommas boyfriend

he saw something fresh and better

to the stranger on the street

he saw something he was gonna take

to her boss

he saw a nieve girl

that couldn't possibly know right from wrong

she was shot down, looked down upon

because rumor had it

that she was nothing but a dog.


Now she is the same African American women who struggles to look In the mirror, she no longer sees the beauty that she once saw, that fire that once burned bright is nothing but a flicker 


My young Egyptian queens don't let society or the media tell you that your skin isn't beautiful cause baby girl your Afro centric hair and chocolate, mocha latte, butterscotch, Carmel skin is more than beautiful 




This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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