My Dream (part 2)


I awaken to feel the commune of nature in my soul,As cars rush by,Honking and drowning out the sounds of nature.The beeping of cellphones,Protesting to be answered immediately,Including my own.People talking loudlyRipping through the veil of quiet nature.Walls of my room,Separating me from the warm sun,Striking orange and pink through the skies,Through my window.I walk through my day,On carpet and tile instead of velvet grass.A gentle breeze of the north wind,Wraps around me lovingly.He tries pulling me back in,To the place where I belong.But I cannot go,And it makes him so sad.Stumps of trees still lie in the ground,Cut down for our home to be made.Walking down the street,I look around.Perfect square yards,Grass rebelling against the homeowners.Watching people cut the blades,Keeping them the preceded night to their natural lengths.Plastic bags float across the concrete,That Sun beats down on,Trying to break through it.Broken glass sprinkles the sidewalks and streets,Cans are smashed against the mailboxes.Paper is strewn out,As the evil man-made creations take over.They destroy the original beauty already there,With the fake perfection they prevail.Walking through a field,Yet to be cut short,Feeling weeds crying and reaching out,Begging to be saved.Who glass bottles smashed against trees,They litter the mud.A sewer of our waste leaks onto the ground,Poisoning it, killing it all off.There is a monster in the midst of creation,Preserved foods, beer bottles, all types of glass brown bags, plastic Popsicle and candy wrappers,Thrown together in this field.They form together,Laughing evilly.When they are finished,Ready for their battle,They will tear through the small woods still left.Toxins being released by each car blurring by,They are what the glue to hold this monster together.All the sprays,To rid themselves of the bugs.We people are trying to kill Mother Nature,So in return, we are the target for her wrath.She sends storms,Unexpected weather that we can't predict.She tries warning us off,And if that won't work she'll do what she so needs to.People dump sodas and gas into streams,Polluting every molecule.It kills the fish,And other who drink it.Mother Nature has been so kind,As to take us in her home.But as payment,We destroy the gorgeous place that took her so long to build.Animals and bugs have no other choice,Besides to crossbreed now.We take their food,And use it to what we wish and desire.We enslave the natural creatures,Who only think about their lives and their young.They learn to fear us,If we cross too close to them.We run them out of their homes,Because we need more.We'll never have enough,And soon we'll run out.We shall get what we deserve,For the careless things we do. Sun sets behind a cloud of violets and maroons,Shamed at us.Because, even when it comes to him and Moon,We still dare to perfect what they already are.Clouds hide them both tonight,For today we damaged a lot more.If people would stop and listen,They could hear the weeps coming from Earth.Mother Nature created Earth,And she can't believe she let us in.Why don't we help her out a little,Clean up our own messes?Everyone now,Is far too busy to be bothered.Too busy to stop and listen for once,Take note of the beauty in the original place.Instead of trying to perfect it,Genetically enhance it all to "improve it",Bring it back to what it was.Unique, original, and so pretty.I lie down to bed,And music is what puts me to sleep.I can't see the stars from here,Nor Moon as she takes control of night.My ceiling blocks them from my view,And the feeling of another breeze to stroke my cheeks.The last image I see before I fall unconscious,Is looking up on a sunny day.Seeing the tips of trees moving freely,And birds flitting by.I imagine hearing their songs,As I watch them hop from branch to branch.I dream for there to be a day,Where I won't have to imagine it anymore.


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