My Dream To Be, Champion

My dream is to become a pro wrestler

To slam my opponents on the mat

One, two, three, I win just like that

I wanna be superior, the best in the ring

Win the match, and hear the bell go, ding ding ding

Wam! A massive punch, sends my opponent to the floor

I put him in a sleeper-hold, and hear him start to snore

Here comes a trash talkin son of a gun

He thinks he's all that, so Imma have my fun

He punches me in the head, I just shrug it off

I chop him in the chest, and you can hear him cough

I manage a DDT, and out he goes

Pin him for the three, and your new champion woes...

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This poem is about my dream to join the WWE. I created it in school. I am 17 by the way.

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