My Dream.


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I often dream about my future and I am afraid to see what it will offer, but then I realize that it is all up to me. I decide whether to follow my dreams and hopes or to let them all go and become something I don’t want. I want this for an opportunity to reach my dreams. Both my parents have always provided what was needed in order for me to succeed and I will never be able to repay them all that they have done for me. I am willing to make sacrifices and work hard throughout the years. I hope to be the first woman in my family to attend a four year university and receive an amazing education to thrive in this society today. I hope to overcome the trials I face in life with a big smile and an optimistic attitude. I hope to be a great mother, mentor, friend, and spouse to those around me. One dream I hope to follow is to help those in need, I want to help my community.

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