My Dream

My dream is not for a perfect life,

for that I could not care less.

My dream is not for eternal happiness

for that is impossible.

Fancy cars, movie stars,

that’s not me, I’ll raise the bars.


College degrees, they aren’t free

but neither is a life.

The only job I could ever need

is to help a man walk painlessly,

and let a child see their mother stand.

My dream is for a world with less suffering

and filled with people who help others.


It is for a world where instead of

defining everyone as different

we define each other as human.

Humans are different in many ways,

skin color, eye color, hair color

race, religion, beliefs,

and who they love.


Each one of us has something a little

different than the other.

Silently, or not, we criticize.

We judge them.

I dream to live in a world where

it is the quality of the heart that matters.

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