My Dog ate my homework.


You see that kid sitting there, front row, center seat, tears streaming down their cheek.

Tears that burn another scar into there wrist at night while they try to focus on the homework assigned for the night.

Fearing the next day as they enter the halls to the cheers and jeer that fill there ears.

The bully with uniform, showing off for there so called friends that would turn on them in a second if something better came along.

Tell the kid that they are worthless, dumb, a fag, asking why they just don't die, restating the facts they already know.

No one will care if i come back tomorrow all the teachers see is another face another failed test another disgrace.

They don't see the mental bruises inflicted by the other kids and the words they shoot, or by them selves as they choose not to see whats place as can be.


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