My DNA is filled with millionsHard life and killed civiliansThey dont want us in the streets We just tryna blend in...But we aint chameleons Cocked gun thats a wake up callBetter hope you dont get involvedShots fired tryna stand tall But the opposition aint for us allBlack power in rush hourCan't go outside for one hourAll peddlin and no flowersThis is crazy but its all oursJumpin to conclusions no trampolinesBig dreams in the magazinesMove slow promethazineCuz the officers got the magazinesBasketball with no netsPopped his trunk you better jetYo mama see you on tv But you not an actor it aint like thatEvery second gotta look back Lurkin shadows in the projectsGotta beat it no Michael JacksonBut yo mama know you aint home yetYou think im down dont give a fuckIm not a clown but ill crack you upNot a hypocrite and i will blow upCant nobody fuck my glo upMy DNA is filled wit factsBaseballs and metal batsBandannas and snap backsMy DNA is all that

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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