My Demons

Mon, 07/29/2013 - 02:11 -- khines


A tremor shakes the vessels in my head

tightening around my skull until the water

drops from my eyes

and a ghost takes host of me.


My brown skin turns to cream

my lips too tight,

they turn a pale white.

I’ve cut off all blood flow.


Tongue is tied – trying not to offend

so I bend and keep it all in –

inside my chest my heart thumps

so loudly it could keep time for a band


I’ve no choice but to write it down

if it’s not out I cannot over come

this host,

this ghost of a person I become


To be heard,

to express, to de-stress in word,

to communicate my dissatisfaction here

rather than an oral reaction


This is why I write—

to lock up my demons.




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