My Declaration

I spent a long time in chains but really it's been a blur/And all the time I lost to me it never occurred/

I steer clear of most cause envious ways turn me off/You keep paying attention to jealousy, the shit 'll start to cost/

These women ain't loyal, so now I'm a rollin stone, so givin my all to  one woman is something I can't condone/

I been baptized in solitude pains that I've endured, but I am one the chosen so theres more suffering in store/

And faith is elusive, at times hard to grasp, searching for satisfaction, it's as infinite as math, that means that its

an endless, race against myself, I lust for pussy and money, when really I'm seeking something else/

I want complete salvation, and to be present in my mental, instant gratifications essentially inconsequential,

Please don't misunderstand me I know Im blind in my flesh popping pills I ain't prescripted, it's wrong and I do confess/

I thought I mastered this waiting game, waitin on patience to breed results, inhaling Bob Marley wit every puff I'm up on smoke/

My days as a baby I recollect vaguely how I came to this crossroads is as abstract as a painting/I was told to play my role and always stay in my place

Irreplaceable is me and I can never be replaced/All my lovers and friends are still infatuated after, now their new lovers and friends they hold them Up to my standard/ But I am just a pastor, my message is the truth. Most of these hoes get praised, they sexuality is loose/

What an esteemed honor, the pleasures all mine, having a platform to release forbidden wisdom that my soul has confined/

Remember failures not final, it's just another test/Will you give in to the moment or give out whatever's left/

Scenes of my life like deja vu I swear I've seen it/I'm not settling for less no more I'm shooting for the zenith,

whatever I do is Kingly, I leave the rest to speculation/Sincerly this my offering of authenticity call it My Decleration!


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