My decision

Be my bad decision. The one I make knowing full well the consequences;  Be my fulfilled sinful desire. Leave your conscience at your front door when you come to be caressed by me.


The last good thing I tried to do didn’t work, so why not just give into what we want, but know we shouldn’t have.


Let all your hate and all your rage come and thrash my body. Let the leather of your vest make me tremble by the time we are done. Let my mind begin to love the pain of the chains that hang from your left button slit. Make me savor each touch, and don’t give it all to me too quick. Young minds can only understand so many lessons, and remember so much information.


You can hold me in both of your hands. Drape your black shirt over my shivering body. Let your hot breath seep through the fabric to warm me. Cling to me like there is no other thought in the world.  I can be your very own for a moment in time.


When it is all over I will help you get dressed. We could give each other hugs, and we could lie there and cuddle.




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