My Deceiving Mask

This mask you see, may seem true with its silence and patience.
Ajar like a flower revealing its alluring perfume.
Appearing to you with a great smile accompanied with laughter.
And an aura of light. But behind this deceiving mask lies the real her.
The one you haven't seen yet.
Afraid of what the big bad world holds for her.
That she might not be able to defeat her fear of her constant enemy,
And sheds a crystal tear for the ones she has lost
To this horrible enemy.
She now knows that life isn't east as reading
An enchanting fairy tale,
With a happily ever after.
That if she lets people see the real her they just might
Break her. Now with all her courage she takes off her mask and
Sits under a tree with those flowers behind her
Waiting for you to see her true self


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