My Dearest Friend

Sat, 09/22/2018 - 15:31 -- 19khans

My dearest friend

You illuminate the universe in a way

Not even the brightest ray of sunshine

Could ever fulfill every smile you created for me

The sound of your laughter is infectious

No humming bird could ever croon

That beautiful melody

My dearest friend

Eyes painted with melanin

Show more color to the world than

I’d ever seen

Your strength intrigues me the most

Always finding the good

In all things evil

Even during the strongest waves you manage

To float above the rigid tides

With emotions that want to hide

Feeling lost and tossed aside

My dearest friend

You might not see life in a different eye

And that lies turn into lies

Or that boys make you cry

But that’s not all life

Has to provide

So fly, while the sun cascades among

The dark gloomy clouds

Never let the lightning stop you

From stepping out

My dearest friend, without a doubt

You replicate the tree that stands

Tall and grounded

Even with the roots of the past

Never let anything

Hold you back

And I know

That you're sad

But my dearest friend

Although your heart feels ruptured

The leaves will soon change their colors

As the branches of your future

Extend upwards

My dearest friend

I love you.


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