To My Dear Sweet Poetry


To my dear sweet poetryI thank you for the joy you’ve given meIts like a rejuvenation and a new found energy  To my dear sweet poetryYou’ve saved me from a path of destructionMy heart from darkness, and my life from corruption To my dear sweet poetry You’ve opened eyes that were once closedAnd awoken a mind that was once dozed To my dear sweet poetryNot once have you scared nor maimed meBut took the fire out my heart and n sum sense u’you've tamed me To my dear sweet poetryBack in the day I had a quick temp that snapped like that But by talking to you , you’ve brought me right back To my dear sweet poetryYou’ve even won me my first trophyYou opened the eyes of the people who didn’t really know me To my dear sweet poetryyou’ve erased the thoughts of vanishing my own lifeBy showing me comfort and release my strife To my dear sweet poetryyou’ve helped me face with the feeling of disappointment By shadowing me with your love, grace, and anointment  To my dear sweet poetryyou’ve shown a side of me that I never knew could be listedBecause not once did I think my thugness and sincerity could have ever coexisted  To my dear sweet poetryI would like for you to guide thy and show thee the wayTo a life of peace, and to a shining new day To my dear sweet poetryI don’t think I could’ve made it with out your aidBecause you’ve soothed the beast within me and I’ve watched the hatred fade To my dear sweet poetryI ask you why do they hateWhen all I do is be me , but I do it so great To my dear sweet poetryYou’ve shown me that there’s more to life than what some people portray So I jus take life by the horns and allow the breeze to let me sway  


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