My Dear Cold-Blooded Father

My Dear Cold-Blooded Father,

You've reached for the stars, leaving your family behind.  But nay, you've fallen into the lap of Venus, enticed by her otherworldly pleasures. There is no greater sin than one of adultery among the gods. You turned a blind eye from the cries heard from Earth, And yet, there you stayed, for eternity. You convinced yourself there were no consequences, Even as twisting vines of hatred encased your daughter's heart. Her gaze like ice; A mask for her sorrow. Her words like fire, Only fueled her rage, And burned her heart further. Inside, a light begs to shed the hurt, But the darkness engulfs it further. She slowly withered away while you ate among kings, And you gave life to who you thought would be a better prodigy. No second thoughts, no whispers of guilt or remorse, There was not enough room for the lost daughter you left behind. She lost her way, lost her heart... but her poor mother poured love back into her deflated heart, Even if her own was in jeopardy. Together they cried and laughed and rose once again to fend off the depression you've caused. Stopped the poison from reaching their hearts. So, my dear cold-blooded father... I hope you have a good life, because ours are better off without you.  -Your lost daughter.   

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My family


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