My Day by Day

Sat, 09/06/2014 - 03:53 -- chris8

“My Day by Day”


Eager to learn music from my college at dawn

Making music from my own small studio at dusk

Obtaining inspiration from my favorite musicians

Every day is a dream come true to me


Hearing the wheels of our half-stack amps rolling

And the beautiful lights of my rack units glowing

The spotlight in the sky shining on me again

With the Passions deep inside me possessing me again


I’ve been told by critics passions are none but only a dream

For they don’t pay bills or for even provide for a home to sleep

With Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose at heart

To me music has been everything right from the start


No awards, No money, or fame can buy

What my own soul within can easily provide

As long as I know that my bliss is inborn

I have what it takes to make my dreams soar


For me the passion comes from my soul within

As my passion and soul intertwine comes flow

From flow is where true happiness takes over

For me it’s my bliss, my purpose, and my art.


By the end of the day I go to bed pondering at how lucky I am

I may not have money, fame, or awards and that’s fine for I see

That many people have strived their entire lives to achieve what I feel

That same passion, flow, and happiness that I easily attain day by day



       Christopher Vizcarra



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