to my daughter

I'm sorry

Our culture has created an uncomfortable burden for you to tackle.

Born in a world where people automatically think less of youbecause of your 


A world where you are constantly subjected to body dismorphia and

thigh gap traps

Where discussions about the female body are disgusting and taboo


I'm sorry 

People think of you as an object for their own agenda

You have to risk your reputation to say the words

"Me too"

Your story is spit out, untrue, morphed

And forced to be believed

Respect is not a virture learned

Yet you're the one taking the ultimate downfall

Our leaders mock your brilliant courage


But let me tell you something. 

While many men are physically stronger

It is women who endure.

And there is nothing in this world

More beautiful than that.

Your life is your own for the taking

Prove them wrong.

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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