My Dark Skin

My dark skin has so much fucking baggage. It writes a story with a pen I cannot control.

My dark skin lived a past I never endured, but it shows a timeline across my face, neck, back and chest.

My dark skin implies struggle. A struggle that I'll never fully understand. 

My dark skin is who I am, but I am not my dark skin. 

Look at me for what I've done. Pour my soul on a golden resumé, and tell me what you see. Forget WHAT you're looking at, squint to find WHOM you're looking at.

I am who I am, and I will always be who I'll be. Even though my dark skin defines me for now, one day there will be just you and me. 

Laughing it all off. 

Forgetting about the painful bloody history. Smiling at the smooth, beautiful me. 

Much like, my dark skin.



MVP-Most Valuable Poet

you are a beautiful person
being dark skin should never dictate or allow people's perception to define you
be proud of your dark skin-this is who you are
great job in reflecting your thoughts in this poem-keep writing


Appreciate your support! Thank you for the kind words


Really nice poem . I Love it ...embrace your dark skin ...dark skin is BEAUTIFUL !!!


Nicely written, jasminijones!  The whole poem is amazing.  The line, "It writes a story with a pen I cannot control" truly blew my mind in awe.  That line featured a superb personification and magnificent metaphor in one statement.

Keep up the great work!


I love the poem. All skin is beautiful because all people have beauty. Dark skin is no different. Dark skin is absolutely beautiful.


Show me poems some love please and thank you 


You are an amazing poet by far 


This is amazing how you took your heart and made the pen bleed your emotions into such artistry. You're an incredible writer and wonderful person. I really enjoyed this masterpiece.  #Inspirational

Jan Wienen

The past is gone ... today is worthy of an investment of you you are ...


Just the thought of having such a great poem that I can relate to on a sight makes me believe in me again. I thank you from the bottom of my hart for inspiring me to keep going,



Black is beauty too. Many know that by now. Your poem is super n effective . U expressed in a fine emotive way. Thumbs up.


 . pls do review my latest poem too, I'm quite new here but have been writing elsewhere for ages and readers say they get messages for life from my poems. So pls add your thoughts under it.

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