My Creature

My creature is a she, beautiful, slim, and kind hearted.

She is black but fair in complexion

She is of average height and always willing to work towards perfection.

Her affection towards humans is equal, because she believes all humans

are fearfully and wonderfully created-so they are to be treated equal.

She would give out her last penny to feed the hungry, and would go out of her

way to make people around her happy, and worthy of living.

While she does all this, she never wait for anything in return. All she

wanted is to be loved as she is and to feel loved when she needed to be

But, things never turns out to be the way she always wishes.

For, even the man she loves so dearly left her in time of her trouble-when she needed

him most without tangible reasons.

Although she was hurt, she did not find any of these as harmful or offensive, instead,

she concludes that, "Humans will always act like humans." This leads to her conviction

of never allow human deeds change the good in her or who she is.

She accepts every situation as God's will and believes his will will always be done

in her life, with or without her own will. 

She is made strong with the love of christ and her family because she knew, "It's all that matters." 

She entrusts everything and everyone in God's care, including her man who left without

reasons or showing he cares, and without anyone showing they care.

She believes that whatever comes a man's way has to do with his destiny and that destiny can

never be changed. 






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Our world
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