My cost

Mon, 07/11/2016 - 08:17 -- FCAlumn

Oh revered statesman, what is the cost, sir
For all of your bombs, for all of your wars
Can we set aside money to afford
To provide a loving home to foster
To shield the innocent from their monster
What names can we find in your rolodex
Is it only those that write you big checks
Oh revered statesman, what is your cost, sir
We need more than just a roof over our head
More than just a blanket pillow and bed
Where is the compassion, where is the love
One size does not fit all, we are no glove
Our minds, our hearts, our souls need to be fed
No more drugs or experimental meds
It is not our choice to be here fostered
Oh revered statesman, what is my cost, sir

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My community
Our world
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