My Compass

My Compass

Through whatever journey it has endured before me, a rusty, magnetic compass eventually became a motivational artifact that directed my life in ways no object would otherwise do. 

In the life of a normal child, a compass has no real significant value. It serves no utilizing purpose because I couldn’t even wrap my head around the concept of direction at that time. But now I realize the true influence the compass brings to me.

Living in Eastern Colorado for most of my life gave me the advantage of having an enormous mountain range which indicated west. My time spent snowboarding far exceeds anything in my life, and the memories in this direction give me the most meaning in my life. One day, when I leave where I am now, it will be helpful to know where the mountains lie. A compass is useful for this.

My loved ones live just east of me, down a highway for about an hour. Fort Morgan is smaller town within the plains of Colorado so it’s far too easy to get lost along the way. Family is most important in life and it’s important to keep in touch, and never lose this direction. A compass is useful for this.

One of my most strongly held beliefs is the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Health isn’t just what you eat or drink, it’s mainly the ambience around you. My friends hold this motivator in my life, while keeping me positive and healthy. These priorities will be where my needle normally points and what I could never lose because a compass is useful for this.

When things go south, correction becomes necessity. Adjusting and adapting to more positive surroundings around me, eventually lead to the most spontaneous impacts of my life. When things go south, I will travel north and find these changes. A compass is useful for this.

At times it’s nice to be reminded of what direction you take in life. For me it was a rusty, magnetic compass that paved the foundation of my life in front of me, and guided me to be the person I am today. In the life of a young adult, I think a compass is the most useful tool you could carry. Because without one it can be easy to stray from your path, or become lost in a toxic world beyond ours. Now I see that the real compass lies morally within me, and it remains to be the core of my living. I’ll take it on new journeys onward.

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