my civil rights


Civil rights movement was all about equality

The law that peaked in the 1960s

The goal was to ensure that the rights of people

4 To make sure it was protected by the law.


But the rights seems to be violated nowadays

The equality seems to be annihilated,

No one considers the rights of others

8 No one cares about the rights of another


Innocent bloods are blead,

Innocent tears are shed

Rights are being violated due to their race

12 Rights are being violated due to their place


What happened to the unity?

What happened to the equal community?

Why does skin color say who we are?

16 All this is very bizarre.

Why are we bringing back the past?

When the rights of people were trashed.

Martin Luther King already stopped this racism.

20 But seems like People don’t respect him.


Where did our freedom go?

Why must we waste the work that our ancestors did for us?

The slavery

24 The torture, this we must discuss.


I hope things become great again

25 I hope things become right again.


I wish we could all hold hands in unity

No more shooting

No more abuse

No more violence

30 Just freedom.







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