My Character

The chilly voice in your ear.

The sharp smile in the dark.

A cruel and smart predator.

A dark Cheshire cat hiding in the shadows.

When you look in her eyes you are unnerved

But you don't know why.

She seems barely contained

And your first action is to run.

This is the essence of the Nightmare.

A hunter that pulls you in to your weakest moment.

And when all you defensives have been stripped it strikes.

They embody your worst fear.

But what makes it worse is when it's controlled.

When your fear is not an animal.

When it is calculating and patient.

That is my character

As long as your fear,

As long as you dream,

She can find you.

There is no defense.

There is not fighting.

Once she has you in her snare

There is no escape.


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