My Change, My Wish: To be Educated

What I would change,

well I would change a lot.

I would rewind time,

and fix my mother’s heartbreak.

Because watching her suffer has only caused


more suffering.

I’d change my brothers and their longing,


for a father.

I would change being in foster care,

and the sperations from those who I loved.

I would change being poor.


eating only bread and ramen.

Growing up and watching as every door continued,

continued to,


But if I were to change all of that,

then I would be changing myself.

So instead,

I wish to change this:

The constant-


Watching others who don’t work as hard,

hard as me to achieve their “dreams”.

The ones who receive financial aid and drop out,

Drop out, or spend the money on drugs and clothes.

All I want to do is learn,


and, expand my mind,

contribute to society.

But instead, I am caged.


Still fighing for change in the system.




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