My change

For my change?
what would I change?

Not change as in money, not change as in cash..

But change as in movement & advancements done fast.

Change as in a beginning of something brand new,

Change as in something you've been wanting to do.

Change. What is my change?

My change is one within my self.

My change is one not of luxuries or wealth.

My change is within me, & with my heart & motivations.

Do be a better person not by words, but by demonstration.

My change is one of no ones power but my own,

My change is one I will achive not only with others, but also on my own.

Once I become what I want to be, once I know what truely runs through me,

My change will be in others, and enhansing their vision, to help them become under my supervision,

Because nothing to be is better than change when you can help change others.

Because peace only becomes by helping enlighten our brothers.


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