To My Camera

You see the world the way my eyes could never see it

You bring light to darkness and find beauty where it is unseen

The way your heart beats at the moment of my touch

I am sorry, I won’t always mirror,

They can never mirror

But we can all see, you are too good to me

Lying on my chest is all that you desire

And thank you, for if I truly live for me,

it is all I need

When my hair loses its color and my bones forget to grow

When I could no longer see the life that you’ve offered to me

I hope to still have your being intertwined between these feeble fingers of mine

Because your weight on my shoulders is the gravity that I need

They might not understand but

No one could fulfill those silent walks,

Could hold these memories,

Could sing my failures and successes,

Could show me clearly who I use to be

I never knew that we belonged together

But I know nothing else now

It was so sudden

They missed that subtopic in the handbook

(Part 3: This is for you.)

Your substance just fell on me,

and obviously, I am hooked

They say that I can start over, fresh

No scratches, do it all over, but

You were my first

And the romantic in me believes in death

Because given infinite choices

I would choose no other

I stand grateful my friend, my life long lover.


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