My Brown

Dear Brown,


You always follow me

You always stay with me

Like the sun in the summer

And the cold in the winter.


My brown is not your brown

My brown is not his brown

My brown is not her brown

My brown is not their brown

My brown is my brown.


My hair is dark but shines like the copper from Santa Clara del Cobre

My eyebrows are Frida Kahlo painting her mind on a clean canvas

My eyes are the cafe de olla my grandma makes on weekday mornings

My face fair as the polvoron you savor at weddings

My arms and legs glow of the earth that gives birth to corn and chile de arbol

My inner body is the faint sand stretching over the coasts of Mexico.


It is never enough

And too much all at once

But it is my brown

And my brown is gold.



This poem is about: 
My country
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