My brother

We would always be together

Or so we thought


We had our ups and downs

We had our smiles and frowns


But one day he grew

and I knew


Ever since our family extended

We couldn't imagine or pretended


My brother grew to a brotherly parent

And not the boy who couldn't


He was tough and stern

He wouldn't allow anyone to see him crash and burn


And yet he's still cheerful

And ever so wonderful


Whenever he thinks I've done a wrong

He would lecture me I wouldn't listen I was young


He pushed and shoved me

To get me to see


That nothing is free

that family is key


And I cherished each word he said

And  I kept each one of them till I bled


I looked up to him I always have

And when he left  I  was mad or sad


I always thought we be together

or so i thought


And with out him I countiuned to grow

Even my oldest friends say it show


Though his words still echos

It's hard to let go


So I still hold on of what he influenced

He made my life better there's no coincidence


His time here has not been in vain

Even if theres no rain


With out he

I wouldn't be me


This poem is about: 
My family



Has anyone been an brother or sister

older or younger

It doesn't matter

What does is wishing to see loved one's be better

If so 

please show 

To your siblings how you care and love

like mine did to me

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