"My Body"


My Body is not "my body" in fact it is a blessing. My body is not yours to be kissing, loving, and caressing.

From my curly nappy hair that screams with African strength. To my long spider fingers rich in their length. 

From my basic brown eyes, to my thunder thighs.

Fiery tongue and luscious lips. Honey dew hips. Long curly lashes that go with my lids.

My clear skin is like a desert of deep brown sand. My strong back and long legs that carried me to and from the mother land.

My long nails, and big feet. Perky breasts and other natural feats. To my dark spots that cover my elbows and my knees.

From my round ass the way it moves is a form of art. To my female organs and my fierce heart.

My ambidextrous brain and my long toes. To my flunctuating vagina that nobody knows.

My chocolate chip nipples, and my strecth marks galore. My body was passed down from my ancestors and will be passed down to many more.

-Kiara Alexis


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