My Black is Missing: A March 2017 Poem

My Black is Missing....

Did you know My Black is Missing? Did you know that my young, black sistahs are missing?

I don't think you understand me when I say you don't know. You've ignored it for so long... let me say this again, My Black is Missing. You better find my young black sistahs and blast them on every social media site like this was Natalee Holloway.

You remember that don't you?

Call whomever you need to call. Hell, for all I care go to school and shout it loud down the hallway.

You better act like this is Amber Hagerman. Yeah, I bet you guys remember that too.

They were kidnapped and killed but it didn't take long for you bitch asses to figure that out. Did it?


I bet you can't tell me the names of not one of those 64,000+ young black women who've gone missing or worse.

You have your 40 acres and a mule so I guess I shouldn't expect you to have a clue.

I bet you can't remeber Faith Nelson. She's only 16 if you care to know.

What about Relisha Rudd, Phoenix Coldon, or Shania Boyd just to name a few?


Where's the Amber Alert? Are my people not important to you?

But you see, My Black is Missing and somehow you say "they probably ran away".

You say this because your statistical numbers are "too steady" to prove otherwise.

Let me stop you right there, like my sistahs Crystal and Aaliyah have said, "Andrew's Milly Rock wasn't even steady!" so I know your numbers aren't steady.

Here, I'll lend you my calculator so you can check again and be ready.


They are missing and could be hurt.

How do you know they ran away?

Did they tell you how they didn't want to stray?


LET'S BE REAL HERE! You don't care about us! You don't care what happens no matter what it seems to be.

We scream Black Lives Matter as an outcry to injustice, and in this case, ignorance as well as self-centered.

Missing, kidnapped, sex trafficking, beaten to death, shot in these streets, you throw us into a pile of papers that'll never be seen.


You cared more about Miley Cryus twerking on Juicy J or even the O.J. trial more than you care about this.

You think this is a joke? You're sadly mistaken.

I don't think you hear me yet. My Black is Missing and if it weren't for Black Twitter you wouldn't even know.


There is something going on here. A pattern that can no longer be ignored. My Black is Missing and all you have are poor excuses.

I'm going to make this clear. YOU HAVE FAILED US! YES YOU! The White man or woman who doesn't dare to look twice at this, the black man who feels like they're better than this, the black men and women who sit and talk but do no action, the media who dares to portray this as if it were nothing, the criminal justice system who does little to provide protection, the teenagers who laugh and ignore this, there's so many more of YOU that have failed us. This is sad because it's a never ending cycle..


My Black is Missing and I no longer have much else to say. 

I've tried to do my part and make you aware and I hope you don't driftaway.



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My country
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