My Black Is Beautiful

Mon, 06/23/2014 - 13:36 -- QueenV


She was always criticized for her dark skin,

“Chileee when the Lord made you, He must have forgot to set the timer and just left you in!”

She was left too long in the oven,

Her skin wasn’t made for loving.

Her hair was kinky and curly, what most call nappy and knotty.

Thinking to herself, “God must have really forgotten me.”

One day the jokes were too much,

She had enough.

She jumped into a tub of bleach,

Hoping that perfection she could finally reach.

Hoping to reach the epitome,

Of what she thought would be,


Having lighter skin,

She could finally blend in.

But the results of this experiment,

Resulted to her detriment.

Now she wishes that she could go back in time to undo this experiment.

Stop herself from trying to undo her pigment.

She now had to realize,

Her self –worth didn’t come from others, it was up to her to recognize.

Now she sees things from a different view,

Let her story inspire you.

See when God gives us things,

Like hips, lips, colors, and thighs,

You better rec ognize.

Its plentiful.

My Black,

It will always be beautiful.



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