My Black


United States
30° 25' 51.4884" N, 84° 15' 53.1072" W

Confident women we are.
Sassy, But ALways classy.
Excellent in all our ways.
Standing bold in our beliefs.
Exquisite in physique.
Tenacious beyond ALL measures.
To some, this may be questionable being that we were once labeled as
Objects, worthless and even uneducated property.
What a mighty way we’ve come ,
Overcoming all obstacles.
Keeping family first.
Loving, caring spirits, but firm women we are.
STRONG, is the word I prefer.
Challenging the norm and conquering whatever we put our hands to.
Nurturing mothers, wonderful cooks, the light of the family….
The Backbone, more simply put!
African Americans.
Whatever you may call us….
US women are ALL THAT!

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