my bestriend

Sat, 07/20/2013 - 18:47 -- samiluv


Here I sit bloody and broken

I had wandered out long ago

only to return after a short time

but lost as I still stand today 

If only someone could help

tired of being ever so lonely

my heart beat for that little girl

I knew so long ago, cold and terrified I stand

finally giving up in the rain, thunder is nearer

with every boom I shake

scared I run into the shadows

headlights coming I stand frozen

with a thud

I am no longer alone

the rain has gone, but i am not dead

nor do I know where I am I hear a woman

shes coming closer, as I try to stand

she is here tells me its ok, Ive had a bad hit

I do not know this woman, why is she so nice

smells are starting to become familiar

my family have they found me

would be impossible

a little boy, he seems so happy

the woman tells him to becareful ive been very hurt

he look at me and says I'll take care of you

I'll never lose you

will you please be my friend

I just look at him in eternal greatfullness for saving my life

I lay my head down on his lap

finally a peacful rest


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