My Beauty, My Bane

Wed, 05/11/2016 - 09:23 -- Eswari

I walk up to the window pane,
Watch these eyes full of pain.
This beauty- such a bane!
I hear my name, Jane.
Turn around and smile, in vain...
I feel the tears swelling up again!

He comes close and tilts my chin up,
“Hey!Come here, Miss make up!
This missy need some touch up,
Her bruises are still showing up!"
The ecchymosis covered up,
Quick! It's time to dress up.
Towards the stage I walk up,
Realising my dreams were blown up...

Girl, from a small town, full of passion,
was swallowed by her craze for fashion.
She could not resist the constant temptation.
There she was prey of constant exploitation;
As if she was not already victim of many addictions:
Drug, Alcohol, Self-Mutilation!
Maybe... it is time for some poison.

Chin up, look aheadm
back straight, the legs feel so dead.
Extreme heels, extreme coiffure on the head,
My blood turns blue as the roses remain red:
For then so alive, I’m now so dead.
I agreed to his conditions tired of being rejected.
silently I climb in his bed.
That night, the innocence faded...

His hand slides down my bare back.
The first time I was so taken aback.
But now I am such a wrack...
I just need my crack,
So I can take him bare back.
I feel the cold wall against my back:
I don’t have time to slack.
Of the count I lost track
every time was the last but he would always be back,
till my soul has turned darker than black

Laid on the bed, legs wide open,
I wonder if ever I will have children...
Maybe even lonelier that's how I will end.
Before, this time I used to apprehend.
Now it is more of the loneliness that I condescend.
On my waist I would feel his hand,
as his thrust deeper, I realised this is not the end.
I got used to being used in these one nightstand,
more than to having a wedding band.

I dance to their music... so mundane
In front of the cameras, I act so humane.
Smiling, their attention made me so vain.
Don’t eat this! Don’t do that! Else weight, you will gain.
Your size zero waistline should remain,
Even if you have to go insane.
It is okay for you know you have already been slain;
And your soul is now so stained.
You are going to come again and again,
For that is the price paid for the fame.
Being a fashion star is such a pain!
Yes! During the day you can reign.
But in the middle of the night, sipping on your champagne,
You wish for the courage to make the blade find your vein.
This is the reality of this world of feign!

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