My Ball and Me

Fri, 04/15/2016 - 13:00 -- cstolvr

"Let me tell you something

If you took away the money

if you took away the fame, the spotlight,

if you took away the lifestyle and all the things that come with it,

if you took away all the flash, what would you have left?

Everything." *


Words that resonates with me

Without basketball who else would I be

My everything!

The ball that contains the key to my glee


Along with the distinct glow of orange that's released

The black lining absorb my every frequencies

Every drop of confidence

Hard work and crippling defeats


Oh the defeats

Head down looking at my feet

Can’t look the conqueror in the eye

Because he’s looking down on me

But failure has gotten me to the level I am at now

It's gotten me to at the level I want to be


Everytime I dig my fingers into the seams

the ball knows a bit more about me

The intimacy of every flick of the wrist

Even the dejected flicks that follows a miss

The sole way I could express myself and truly be me

The bliss of solitude

Puts me in a great mood


I move to the tune of the ball

The dribble of the ball

The patter of the feet

The hollow sound of it's bounce

Every consequential move

Pulls me into a groove

That small orange ball means the world to me


Truly you can see all I need is my ball

and me


* From an Adidas- Derrick Rose basketball  commercial


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