My Appreciation Towards Anime

I want to thank the ones that taught me to never give up 

I want to appreciate those who showed me how to live up

They underwent pain but they rose 

They kept walking the path they chose 

These lessons were taught to me through anime 

The cartoons that are fun to watch all day 

Each of them taught me in a different way 

Naruto taught me to work for my dream 

He kept going, even though to him, his village used to be mean 

Then he achieved his goal while still having a heart of gold 

Luffy showed you can live free all the while exploring the world to see 

He flowed the life inside of me setting a path only I can lead 

The people that showed me to fight for my friends 

All the way to the bitter end, is Fairy Tail 

Standing by each other they never fail 

I stand by my loved ones, helping me to prevail 

I can still be strong, even though I was considered a zero 

It was Deku's hard work, that showed me I can still be a hero 

These people may not be real, but what they stand for is 

I understand how they feel, enabling me to live

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Anime is what gave me confidence. These may be cartoons, but they taught me valuable life lessons. It was My Hero Academia, that helped me regain confidence I lost back in high school. Anime also motivated me to try harder and to never give up, no matter how grim things looked. 

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