My Anger Survives Pt. 2


United States
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I only know what happens in reality
To only think my mind is going south
On my own technicalities
Where is everybody in my life to feel alone?
The only way to set them free is to go away
From this world, my reality to not be on the phone
Don’t know what to do when trouble comes to haunt me
My vision may be on point but my life is blurry, can’t see
Can’t come to me when I am done
Too many scars on my body to even have fun
Feeling alive to know what my mind is thinking, it’s alone
Being alone, telling my mind what to have on the phone
Lying about me to have fame and other people’s dream
Not knowing what I’m doing or who’s on my side, on my team
Well, too bad for everyone else to what it really seem
That the only thing you want (dignity) can’t be redeemed
Finish what I have left, the only thought I have to claim
I’m telling the story of my life to know a chain reaction
With the satisfaction of these memories the only goal I might have
Is hard to have aim
Don’t need anybody to keep me strict, clean, and strong
I'm the one telling the story and narrating my life
I'm also telling you the truth and every liar is wrong
Been going through a lot to have my life to be significant
But since no one doesn’t pay attention to what happens around me
Then, what’s the point of what goes on in my life, can’t move on, just can’t
What trouble comes around me is not anyone’s business because of my only action
Just don’t come around my life when you want anything you want
I’m not here to create your only satisfaction
Now, I feel as if there’s no one in the world for me to be together
Their only ignorant thoughts may be their last to me
When I’m away for awhile, my soul can’t be here forever
Where you will be enjoying the time of your life, I will be alone till dawn
By the time you’re starting to worry about me in your last thought…
I will be leaving away from society, the only person in your life that is gone, for good
I'm just enjoying my time on life
Not going ahead and causing trouble
Having too much strife
Damn fuck the bull and everything that gives me pain
Don't earn respect from others
Never when they have so much gain
My dreams are coming out of mind into reality
But people try to crush them on their technicalities
I'm done with all the drama and trouble
Moving away from life on the double
Too bad people don't realize
That some friends on Facebook are fake, call it friendship genocide
Just realized I finished my own rap
That was unfinished like the directions on an old map


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