My Angel


There once was a man named Russell,

who moved through life in a hustle.

He sat in bed with no hair on his head,

and rarely would move a muscle.


He whispered so near to my ear,

"Don't worry about me, my dear.

For I have seen life and all its beauty,

and for death I'll never have fear.


You and I are two of a kind,

and our lives are artfully twined.

For one so lovely and full of knoweledge,

You live with a beautiful mind.


Remember how much I love you,

Life is a battle to fight through.

But you're not alone, you'll always have me,

As an angel to look up to."


To this day I know he sees me,

he watches, cares, and protects me.

He saved my life then, he saves my life now.

In my heart he'll forever be.

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My favorite piece of this poem is the ending lines, explaining how this man saved my life and will always be in my heart. This man was one of the greatest in my life, and a dear family member I will miss until the day I'll be reunited with him.

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