My Angel

You hold me like your angel,

feed me with your breast because I am your blood.

You look me in the eye and see youself in me, we are one.

How lovely I am is all your,

the beauty, the langugae, everything.

One look at me and you know I am hurt, you take my hand and say it will be alright,

blow my wound and the pain fade away.

who else will have done that.

I close my eyes and you are my sun shine,

in the dark you are my stars.

You are my lead to where I want to be,

but now I am here and you are not with me.

My angel you have done so much and the time has stop.

With your eyes close you never smile again.

As I look at the stars I wonder where you are.

It so dark when you are gone.

My smile will not take you back,

a million tears is not wroth what I had lose.

My mother, My angel.

With no goodbye you leave me here in the cold.

I can only hold onto the memories you had lost.

You are still my angel even after life in your grave. 

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