My addicted death

You kicked me, you hurt me, and worst of all you broke me. 

 We live in a world where we all just drown in our own thoughts.

 People are blind, because they don't look, they just see.

 My life is based off of a intoxicating substance, so all my problems won't be in knots.

 I tried to push everyone away.

 But my actions only caused an addiction.

 It grew into what I thought was beauty, like the month of May.

 The poison I consumed made my life seem like total fiction. 

     I doze off to a faraway land where all my problems go away.

 And I never knew my addiction could be my end. 

 I thought I could be free, and I felt it with a sway.

 I want an ending soon, because I have no family, not even a friend.

 The warmth of a puff of smoke relaxed my body.

 Everyone told me that if I continue I will be slowly dying.

 I hallucinated strange things, and it all started with a zombie. 

      I felt the movement around me slow down.

 My memories started feeling distant.

 Realization him me that no one will miss me not even my home town.

 I wish I could just be gone, but my choice won't be instant.

 As I lay there slowly fluttering my eyes closed .

 I see nothing but a bright light my life was always an illusion, it wasn't like most.

 As I slowly feel myself slip away I realize this will be my last night. 


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