Must Be Devilish Thoughts

Don’t we all just accept religion for the fear of our soul’s afterlife? Christianity gives you two choices for the afterlife. Absolute happiness, paradise and wonderful pleasures; or excruciating devilish pain with all of your deepest fears for all eternity. The answer is obvious and so we not the few mere years we have on Earth is nothing compared to our eternal fate. Then we decide we will do whatever it takes on Earth to reserve our spots in the land of paradise. Because, despite all the troubles the lord warns us that we will receive on earth if we chose to serve him, in the long run we decide that our souls depend on it. And we learn that we have to “prove” our love is real, and not just because we want that mansion in the sky. I guess this is because those who are not faithful after all of the pain one must suffer on earth to get to the mansion, those are the people who didn’t really, truly love god and only accepted the deal to avoid eternal damnation. But are some people just so driven to avoid this pain? Do people chose heaven and the life of a Christian because the love the lord? Or is that decision just driven by fear?

I also found that the people, who are driven to religion, are those who need help. They have nothing or close to nothing in this world and are hopeless. They have no idea what to do, so they look up to this supernatural force or something greater than this world. That somehow, somewhere, something intangible but completely legit creature was capable of h helping the helpless. I see that people who are scholars. I see the people who are scholars and inventors in life do not look to religion. In fact, they believe in science. I’m not sure what category I fall under, helpless or scholar? But I find that the years of being raised in the church fade away with the knowledge and education you learn. How many millionaires and inventors do you see praising the invisible god and devoting their life to him? Not many. And how many poor and hungry people do you see praising this same invisible god? It is a conclusion, or hypothesis, if you will. People who are uneducated and poor look towards religion. I don’t mean this in an offensive or derogatory manner. It is just an observation. Dating back and ending in the renaissance era, God was the center of life. God and godly morals where what people lived by. If wasn’t until the next century of the renaissance when men started creating and discovering that focus of life shifted from religion, to individualism. People started pushing religion further and further away and it is even seen today as offensive to display any manner of religion to others. I wonder if we keep advancing then where would that leave religion? Would it cease to exist? Will all of our souls be damned?


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